A Deeper Missions team member from Virginia Tech walks with the project carpenter and his son.
Deeper Missions Executive Director, Derek Reinhard, discusses the Eloo installation with Mr. Jaka, the project contractor.
Waterless, solar composting latrines at the Ebert Kakua School for the Deaf -- helping keep the community water wells safe.
The finished Eloos at the school for the deaf
Smiles and kindness are a universal language!
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Deeper Missions is a young and vibrant, all-volunteer organization so there are many ways you can get involved. From short-term, specialty tasks to longer-term position-specific activities abroad, there is something for everyone who has a heart for serving some of the most challenged communities in the world.
Short-Term Opportunities
  • --  Volunteer with us at events and conferences
  • --  Web design and administration (Virtual)
  • --  Guest blogger/researcher
Volunteer Positions/Responsibilities in the USA (some Virtual)
  • -- WordPress web designer and/or administrator (Virtual)
  • -- Accountant (DC Area)
  • -- Bookkeeper (DC Area)
  • -- Newsletter Editor (Virtual)
Board Members (Global/Virtual)
  • -- Depending on expertise, we have various openings on the Deeper Missions Board of Directors
Learn more under our Take Action tab. If this interests you, send us a note from our Contact Us page. We look forward to your joining us on a deeper journey!

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Fast Facts

As you know, many of the statistics from Africa, and West Africa where Deeper Missions currently serves, are staggering:
  • -- 69% of Sub-Saharan Africa population is without access to improved sanitation
  • -- Every year, food and water tainted with fecal matter cause up to 2.5 billion cases of diarrhea among children under five, resulting in 1.5 million child deaths
Energy Poverty
  • -- 66% of the Sub-Saharan Africa population live without access to electricity
  • -- 55% of new connections will need be off-grid in order to reach universal access by 2030
  • -- Only 61% of the population in sub-Saharan Africa have improved sources of drinking water
  • -- Women and girls are the most affected by the disparities in access; they are most likely to be the main water carriers for families
Deeper Missions projects serve to help break the cycle by introducing sustainable, repeatable clean technology projects for communities to heal, increasing their chances at thriving.

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