Deeper Missions at Alexandria Earth Day



"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."
Native American Proverb

This year, Deeper Missions will mark Earth Day by taking part in the 21st Annual Alexandria Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 26th. There we will showcase our commitment to projects that bring clean energy to communities in Africa.  We will have hands-on activities, educational solar power demonstrations, fast facts about energy poverty and consumption, and information on how you can volunteer to work on clean energy projects in Africa.Summer 2013 Team - Solar Install

The global theme of this year’s Earth Day is “Green Cities”, and the theme for Alexandria Earth Day 2014 is, "Are you an Eco-Citizen?" Deeper Missions, through our solar energy projects, bring clean energy to rural communities in Sierra Leone, as well as to cities like Bo, the second largest city in the country. Additionally, our stateside volunteers and international travel teams gain first-hand experience at being both local and global Eco-Citizens.

“With smart investments in sustainable technology, forward-thinking public policy, and an educated and active public, we can transform our cities and forge a sustainable future,” Earth Day Network.

In addition to supporting sustainable development abroad, Deeper Missions is committed to pursuing environmentally friendly ways to run our organization here at home. Our website is powered 100% by wind energy through IPOWER, an EPA Green Power Partner. By hosting with IPOWER and their wind-powered data centers, organizations like Deeper Missions are helping to prevent the release of 3,764 metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere annually, equivalent to planting 803 acres of trees, or taking 738 cars off the road.

Be sure to check out our booth at Alexandria Earth Day!
Join the fun, do good things and learn more about being an Eco-Citizen!

Each year, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 by over a billion people in 190 countries. Earth Day began in 1970 and marks the beginning of the modern environmental movement. Every year, organizations, individuals, and communities take part in Earth Day by planting trees, organizing clean-up efforts, and participating in events dedicated to educating us all about environmental responsibility and conservation.

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