Ebert Kakua School for the Deaf

Imagine living in one of the poorest nations in the world; you’re able-bodied, but, due to economics and challenges, you can only find subsistence work at best. Now, imagine you’re living in that country with the disability of deafness—How do you find work? Who would hire you? You most likely have to resort to begging in the street to help your family survive.

Now imagine the hope that comes from being given a chance to learn, both academically and to communicate with sign language—imagine the possibilities that would open to you!

Walt and Pat Ebert, a United Methodist Missionary couple, first held classes for deaf students in their home in the Kakua section of Bo, Sierra Leone.

The school was certified by the government in 2007 and funded for its first two classrooms, though no additional support is available. Now located in the New York section of Bo, the Ebert Kakua School for the Deaf serves over 100 students and is the only school for the deaf in the southern province of the country.

There are currently 5 teachers; students learn math, English, science, and vocational studies – including farming and textiles.

Deeper Missions recently completed a waterless solar composting toilet building to help improve ground water quality for the community.

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How You Can Help

To help to make a real difference in the life of a deaf student in one of the most impoverished countries in the world, you can sponsor students of the school and/or donate to Deeper Missions on behalf of “Hope For Kakua”.

Thank you for giving hope and empowering some very special students!

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