March 30 marks the day in 1858 when Hyman Lipman patented a means of attaching erasers to the end of pencils, a development that made the pencil an even more convenient tool!

Pencils-213x300Pencils have a long history tied to the discovery of graphite deposits in various parts of the world.  Pencils have been used by shepherds to mark sheep in England; by carpenters to inscribe wood; by authors like John Steinbeck, Raoul Dahl, and Vladimir Nabokov, who wrote their books in pencil; and of course by school children the world over who are familiar with the classic yellow-coated cylinder pencil – with attached eraser, of course.

Through Deeper Missions’ Hope for Kakua program, sponsors help supply students at the Ebert-Kakua School for the Deaf in Bo, Sierra Leone,  with books and school supplies (like pencils!), academic training and American Sign Language (ASL) instruction, school uniforms and shoes, and a healthy meal, all in addition to life-skills and vocational training.

To learn more about Hope for Kakua and to make a donation or sponsor a student, please visitHope For Kakua .

And be sure to use a pencil today and thank Hyman Lipman for that handy eraser!

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