About Us


Deeper Missions is a tax exempt 501(c)3 public charity, dedicated to changing and saving lives. Through meaningful mission travel, we  implement sustainability projects, such as clean energy, safe water and sanitation.

Our mission is to supply materials and provide on-the-ground services which improve the education and livelihood of the people of West Africa.

Without reliable electricity, children and their families are living with fumes from diesel generators, kerosene lamps and candles causing poor respiratory health. 

Without managed sanitation and safe water sources, drinking water for communities and schools is contaminated, causing ill health and loss of school/work time.

The current efforts of Deeper Missions are on environmentally-friendly projects such as self-contained solar lighting (so children can study without using the typical and unhealthy open-flame lamps) and community-friendly fresh water well-digging and waterless solar composting toilets.

So please come and join the Deeper Mission journey! All donations are welcome and tax deductible in the US.