Phase 1 Almost Complete

Jan-7-Eloo-Pit-blog-300x200We’ve had a busy couple of days! As usual, we’ve been visiting the deaf school every morning and afternoon, returning to the MTC in the evenings. The other team from Northern Virginia left Thursday morning, so it’s been pretty quiet here with just the 6 of us, the manager/cook, and her family. Each day, we come back exhausted from the work in the sun. We’ve had a few hiccups along the way with the progress of our work-but we’ve worked with the contractor to solve each problem and keep on schedule.

On Friday, we went into the market to buy an inverter for the MTC to convert the dc output from a few solar panels into ac electricity.

We continued work on Saturday, but split up the team. Three of the team went with Derek to a young adult group meeting at a United Methodist Church in the city where Derek made a presentation on leadership, based on Stephen R. Covey’s “Speed of Trust” program.  The rest of the team went to the site. We fully assembled one E-loo; the other two will be completed and all three will be placed in the pit on Monday.  After a long day of work, the team was “schooled” in soccer by some of the local youth.

I’m impressed with the way the team is growing relationships with the workers, the local children, the family at the lodging center, and with Sylvester Deen, the deaf school director.

The team will take a break on Sunday to visit another local church and then complete preparations for Monday’s Eloo assembly as well as putting together the solar electric system.


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The Road to Bo and Breaking Ground

On the 31st, we left our friends in Lungi and headed for Bo. Rather than taking the more direct route by ferry to Freetown, we went overland from Lungi to Port Loko (a very bumpy, dusty 40 miles) before we met up with paved road.  The journey was worth it as we saw many rural villages as well as gained a perspective on the pace of development in the country: we passed numerous road construction teams led by Chinese supervisors as well as passing long trains with rail cars filled with what looked like iron ore heading for the port of Pepel.

Five hours later we arrived tired, dusty and glad to be at the United Methodist MTC (Missionary Training Center) who is hosting the Deeper Missions team for the next two weeks.  The team attended New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day church services at two local churches and has spent time exploring the local area and getting to know the MTC manager, Fudia, and her two teenage daughters.

Groundbreaking sanitation project at the school for the deaf

Groundbreaking sanitation project at the school for the deaf


Today, we began our work at the Deaf School. Half our team experienced some traveler’s illness, so Emily, Josh, and Derek were the first to go out to the site. We discovered that, in hopes of getting ahead with the work, the contractor had started the hole which was too deep and in the incorrect location. After touring the school’s 1-acre farm plot, about 1/2 mile from the school grounds, we returned to the MTC for lunch. In the afternoon, we returned to the project site and started digging a new hole in the correct location. We’re breaking ground!

Muva hoe (Goodbye for now, in Mende),

SL Team



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