We had some new voices last week at our quarterly board meeting, including two new volunteers: Bret Mueller, a George Mason University student who will be helping us market our TBA fundraising event later this year, and Krystle Kline, our new volunteer social media manager (who is currently writing this post). Lee Popkin, Jerry van Rennes, and Derek Reinhard provided a quorum so the board could vote on pertinent matters this quarter.

Derek summarized his report to the board, which included updates on project plans for the annual trip this summer. Deeper Missions has also been approached by several outside organizations that are interested in our work, including a minister at Harvest Mission Deaf Church in Nairobi, Kenya. He wants Deeper Missions to bring vocational training and sustainability projects similar to our Hope for Kakua program to his church. The board voted to consider a possible visit to Nairobi in 2014, and they agreed that Deeper Missions should remain focused on core issues: sanitation, sustainable energy, and clean water projects.

Our last major order of business was to introduce the idea of an inaugural fundraising event this year. The board agreed that our organization is mature enough to start an annual event, although what that event will be is yet to be determined. Lee Popkin volunteered to chair the event committee, which will meet on Sunday, April 21. We welcome your input! Please comment below or use our contact form if you have any suggestions or if you’d like to become involved in the planning process.

The board meeting was very productive, and our volunteers and board members will be quite busy leading up to the summer trip. We all left feeling excited, empowered and ready to do our small part improve the world.